The high Nordic startup rates are not turned into equally high firm growth rates. Nordic Innovation wants to procure a scaling model and its implementation during a two-year pilot period.

 The objective of this tender is to design a concept for a Nordic Test Lab for Scaling that will stimulate high-growth entrepreneurship in the Nordic region and to test the concept during a two-year pilot period. The pilot should contribute to creating a more unified Nordic community around the Nordic scale-ups and more mature SMEs with high-growth ambitions, and be a means to stimulate the overall economic growth in the Nordic countries.

The value of the contract is at maximum 14 million NOK exclusive VAT. Please find the tender documents at Doffin.

  • The deadline for the Nordic Test Lab for Scaling tender will be further postponed to 13 March, at 16.00 CET (instead of 9 March 2017). The postponement of the deadline is due to the lack of ESPD form which can now be found among other tender documents.