Finnish Business Acceleration Network (FINAC) is a national association dedicated to drive the growth and quality of the Finnish startup and SME ecosystem.

Vigo acceleration program is now part of the FINAC activities.


  • Provide assistance in creating accelerators and accelerator programs
  • Connect all parties to promote best practice sharing and transparency of information
  • Represent the community in all forums -political, governmental, international, etc. -which affect the growth business ecosystem
  • Promote the emergence of new type of acceleration activities in Finland
  • Develop and strengthen existing accelerators’ activities, expertise and networking
  • Launch activities to improve the quality and the quantity of the deal flow
  • Activate cooperation between startups, corporations and accelerators
  • Contribute to the Finnish and European venture capital market by increasing the international accelerators’ and investors’ interest in Finland
  • Provide information of the results of the Finnish accelerator industry


Mechelininkatu 1A
00180 Helsinki

+358 400 810018


Board 2018

Marit Tuominen

Chairman of the board


Jukka Viitanen

Resolute HQ

Jukka Lassila

Suomen Yrityskehitys

Petri Lehmuskoski

Gorilla Ventures

Niko Lindholm

Forum Virium

Kotisivut toteutti Kotisivut Viikossa

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